Website – What is website and why 100 crore websites?

What is a website? An analysis from Tamiltechies.

What is website by tamiltechies

What is a website?

A website is one, where creators(Like Google) will get benefits from that and viewers(End User) will learn and interact from that and intermediate(Like GoDaddy) will provide service for both of viewers and creators.

More about Website:

Total Websites as of 2017:

As per Internetlivestats, We have 110 crore websites as of now.

Example and explanation for a Website:

is a website which was used to give a real information and technology news to the Tamil people. It will help users to learn and grow their selves by the right domain.

Tamiltechies is a creator and you are the End-user where you can get a bunch of knowledge in Tamil about technology.

  • We’ve Storage.
  • We’ve Email Storage.
  • We have Subdomain.
  • Content is the king.

How will it help to people?

Good thing about website

  • It will reduce our daily lifetime.
  • Whatever we want we can get it.
  • Time Pass.
  • Hearing Songs.
  • Watching Movies.
  • Playing Games.
  • Teaching to others.
  • Taking Notes.
  • Reading News.
  • Learning New Things.

How will Websites burn time from people?

Time Waste website

Websites like Facebook and some porn sites are really burning adults time. According to one of USA Porn websites, Indians are the main traffic for their website. Facebook is really eating our time, think one second giving reactions to the photos/ commenting on friends what will you gain?

Before you create a website:

you should know the following things

  1. Which are the primary thing you need to create a Websites?
  2. What are the types of websites?
  3. Why do you need a website?
  4. How to maintain websites?
  5. What are the Advantages of websites?
  6. How to Pick a Domain name?
  7. For what you need to invest in creating websites?
  8. How to Choose a Hosting for your websites?
  9. Which Agency/Company can you choose to create?
  10. How to drive quality traffic to your websites/blog?
  11. What is the difference between Blogs and Websites?

Static Websites:

It is a kind of website which always static or contents are same and will not be modified regularly. Static websites are discouraged.

Example for the static websites:

Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic websites will change their content frequently. It can able to handle multiple responses. Real-time purpose websites are called as Dynamic websites.

Example for Dynamic Websites:


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