CDN – What is CDN(Content Delivery Network)?

About Content Delivery Network

What is Content Delivery Network(CDN)?

CDN Intro:

Content Delivery Network Used to increase a speed of the website. CDN will analyze the user and stores files such as Javascript and CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) in their local devices.So, it will reduce the load page time. It will only store the JS, CSS, Images because those are likely to be static content. For Example in Live Cricket score website, It will not store any HTML pages or PHP pages. Because that causes users need to refresh every time their web page. For those kinds of issues, It will store only static contents. In 3rd Generation, It stores Static, Dynamic, Rich media and Mobile too.



CDN Generations:

Generation 1:

In Generation 1, Content Delivery Network Supports only HTML pages and downloadable files.(1997-2001)

Generation 2:

In Generation 2, Content Delivery Network supports HTML, Static contents, JS and images too. This type of CDN called Dynamic. (2001-2010)

Generation 3:

In Generation 3, Content Delivery Network enabled to all HTML, JS, CSS, Dynamic, Static, Mobile, Images and downloadable files. This type of CDN called Multi-Purpose.(2010-till now)

More about Content Delivery Network:

It is used by many websites. For example, if you reading this text, this page has Content Delivery Network configured by the server.

Main Advantages of Content Delivery Network:

  1. Speed for website page

  2. It will handle high traffic

  3. Helps to protect from DDOS attack

  4. Reducing bandwidth consumption

  5. It will Secure the application

Cache Server:

Caching server helps to serve the better performance to users. It is basically available nearby your location. It will store the data from CDN(Original server) and it will send back to the user. So accessing the main server will be reduced. In this way, CDN helps us to improve the speed of a website. The cache server also called as an EDGE(Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) server. To know more please visit here.

Top CDNs:

  1. Google Gstatic Contents
  2. AJAX Libraries API
  3. Cloudfront
  4. Cloudflare
  5. BootstrapCDN
  6. To Know more please visit here.

Tamiltechies Suggestion:

Cloudflare (Free trail available).



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