Did Tamilrockers admin arrested?

Tamilrockers admin arrested?

Did Tamilrockers admin arrest?

Honestly, Tamilrockers admin arrested?

If tamilrockers admin is arrested, then their first step will be banning their website and removing the database from the internet. Still, now we didn’t get the news like that. However, some piracy site admin arrested, that might not be a tamilrockers admin.

Either Tamilrockers admin not yet arrested or they have arrested some other person or it may be for a turn.

Actor Vishal Speech in Spot:

He said that We had arrested the person who is related to website piracy. 

  • He did not mention any admin name or even he is an admin.
  • He did not say that is a tamilrockers related person or someone else.
  • He said give me a time to announce an official information about this.
  • Further, he said an arrested person is in Triplicane police station.
  • He said Thupparivalan team is not included in this.

What’s trending on Youtube, Twitter?

  • While we are speaking about arrest news,  People trolling Actor Vishal as he is doing this for his movie promotion.

The reaction of TN people:

tamilrockers admin arrested or not

The real truth behind website admins can’t be traced:

  • They have some excellent programmers.
  • They are additionally using CloudFlare Security, etc.
  • Please read about TR Full Details to get more information.
  • They will hide their IP.
  • Police can’t find them.
  • Police must need a professional skilled hacker or programmer to get the details of any website admin. That too complex.

Thupparivalan Movie Release date:

14 September 2017.

Learn more about their income and expenses Here


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