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What is Sarahah?

Sarahah is a web application. You can send message/note to anyone who is already registered and shared their subdomain( to you. You can send a message to your loved one/enemy. They don’t know who is posting the message. Below we mentioned what type of information sarahah will get from you.

Who is the CEO/Founder of Sarahah App?

ZainAlabdin Tawfiq is the chief executive officer of Company. He created this app because, when he came out from College and joined Corporate, he knew that there is need of feedback for everything as well Anonymous comments. He thought why we should limit this for only corporates? Let it be available to all friends/family too. So he made this app to the public. It is the idea behind sarahah.

How will it Work?

  1. Create an account with Sarahah by registering.
  2. Share your sub domain link to your friends/family.
  3. They can send a constructive message to you.
  4. Sarahah app will trace Their IP address.
  5. Their names are not monitored here.
  6. So, You can’t be able to track who sent the message.

How to Register with Sarahah App and how to use it?

  1. Admit it anyone can have your subdomain id, they can able to message you.
  2. So be confirmed you’re sharing your subdomains with your trusted contacts only.
  3. You can get good feedback or sometimes bad things too. But the thing is you can’t get who they’re.
  4. You need the following details to register with Sarahah App.
    Username(Subdomain name) ex:
    Name(To be shown your friends)
  5. NOTE: No need registration for sending messages to others.

How block anyone sending inappropriate messages to you?

You can’t stop completely someone from sending inappropriate message to you.

Yes, you can’t stop them completely. Because,

How does blocking option work and how to still send a message after blocking?

  1. I send the message to you from one phone. If you want to block me, then following things will happen
  2. Sarahah will trace my IP and block me. So I can’t send a message to you from my mobile or PC(If I’m not good at tech).
  3. If I’m good at tech, then I can install any VPN software then again I’m able to send a message to you.
  4. Still, if my VPN won’t works, then I can send a message to you by another person mobile or PC or Internet Cafe.
  5. So finally, we’re quoting “Blocking option in sarahah will only work for kids.”

How to find sender name in sarahah app?

No, You can’t. It is not possible. Possible reasons are below.

  • They will not give any name while sending a message to you.
  • Official Quote: “Sarahah won’t disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to users except with their consent.”
  • So even though, you logged in and sending messages to someone still, you’re secure, and your friends don’t know your identity.

How does sarahah is earning?

While we’re playing with this app, They are earning with us by placing an advertisement after every message sent. So while we are clicking those ads, they will earn, this is how their revenue model works still now. In future, they may change the type of income. We’ll update here. They have currently monetized their web app in Google Adsense.

Is there a Windows Application?

No, As of now Sarahah will only work on Web App, Mobile App ( Android, IOS ).

How to reply to message?

Currently, they are studying this option. In future may be this option will available.

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