How to Pick Domain name for your website?

Pick domain name

What is Domain?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to pick a domain name for your business or blog. A Domain is something which was readable by a human. For example, is a domain name. Here .in is a domain name. Tamiltechies is a Top Level Domain (TLD).

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How does the Domain name work?

  1. A Domain name is a website name.
  2. A Website name is only used to read by a human.
  3. Every website has their IP Address.
  4. If you give to your browser, it will convert to Address), and then the web server fetch results for that IP Address then it will show the results about
  5. You are then able to see the contents.

Note: Domain name and Website are different things.

How to pick the domain name for your business or blog?

Always go with .com domain.

Before you buy a domain name, you should be clear about your business profile should match with the website name.

There are some ways to pick a good and catchy TLD name for your site. Here they are.

  1. Analyze your business.
  2. Try Premium domain.
  3. Choose your business as your site name.
  4. If not available on market try alternative domains such as .in, .org, .net, etc.,
  5. If that too fails, be calm. There is an option below

How to get already taken domain name?

  1. Domain Parking
  2. Try Alternatives
  3. Analyze using WHOIS
  4. Contact the site owner
  5. Hire Broker
  6. Backorder

Pick domain name that already in use

Your business name and TLD must be related and its good if both are same.

Need a free website with TLD?

It’s easy to create your site with your loved Top Level Domain(TLD).

You can signup for your free TLD, Hosting, Email, Cpanel, Storage and more at 000Webhost.

There you’ll get everything free. But many options are blocked. So better tamiltechies suggests you go with paid hosting, TLD, etc.,

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Try Google Keywords:

By using Google keywords, you can get some ideas how to choose a perfect name for your site.

tld – top level domain(Ex. tamiltechies)


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