Thursday, June 21, 2018
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CDN – What is CDN(Content Delivery Network)?

What is Content Delivery Network(CDN)? CDN Intro: Content Delivery Network Used to increase a speed of the website. CDN will analyze the user and stores files such as Javascript and CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) in their local devices.So, it will reduce the load page time. It will only store the JS, CSS, Images because those are likely to be static content. For...

How to get 100 Rs instantly free with Phonepe?(Expired)

Earn up to 2 Lakhs (250rs Guaranteed) by doing these simple Steps. Step 1:  Download Now Step 2: Register Your Mobile number. (Your mobile number should be linked with your Bank) Note: For step2 you will be charged for sms. if you're using dual sim, please choose a sim which was linked with your bank So make sure your phone has 2 rs minimum balance Step...