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TN Sand Review: TNSand for Online booking of Sand

About TN Sand: TN Sand is a mobile/web application; it is helpful to receive the sand without waiting time/Queue. No more waiting time in Quarry. Lorry drivers are very happy for tnsand. Customer needs to tap on booking, and you will be notified with the Queue Number and Waiting time. If you are Lorry owner, then you can book for...

Getting Started with Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium automation testing
What is Selenium? Selenium is an automation testing tool developed at Thoughtworks for an internal use, which allows you to create or test your web application. Are you Java Master? The geek in PHP? Or Legend in Python? No matter what language you are using, it is available in all language. Most of the developers preferring Java to start Automation testing with...

How to Pick Domain name for your website?

Pick domain name
What is Domain? In this tutorial, you will learn how to pick a domain name for your business or blog. A Domain is something which was readable by a human. For example, tamiltechies.in is a domain name. Here .in is a domain name. Tamiltechies is a Top Level Domain (TLD). Before reading this article, please read What is a website? How does the Domain...

What is the difference between Blog and Website?

blog vs website
Everyone can design a blog, who want to share information with people. The website is multi-type. Web Pages, and Web Applications. A Blog... may be designed by anyone. To create a Blog, you should be aware of following things. A Good Domain Name. That should be related to your contents. A Good Hosting Provider. That will give you a most available service....

How to create website and what are the requirements?

Create website
How to Create Website? Before you get into this, please read What is a website and why 100 crore websites?. To create a website, there are a lot of tools available in the market. For creating live websites basically, you need following three things. Domain Hosting Cpanel What are the ways to create a Website: Start writing code to develop a...

Website – What is website and why 100 crore websites?

What is website by tamiltechies
What is a website? A website is one, where creators(Like Google) will get benefits from that and viewers(End User) will learn and interact from that and intermediate(Like GoDaddy) will provide service for both of viewers and creators. More about Website: Total Websites as of 2017: As per Internetlivestats, We have 110 crore websites as of now. Example and explanation for a Website: www.tamiltechies.in is a website which...

Uber free rides worth 75Rs in India – Unlimited

How to get Uber free rides Unlimited? Uber Quick Intro: Uber Technologies Inc is a Transportation company which gives cabs for the lowest rate. The US is the headquarters for Uber. Uber offers ultimately free rides for their new customers up to 75 Rs. Here we're giving that 75Rs for all rides. So, you can ride unlimited for free in Uber. The only thing...


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