How Search Engine crawl your keyword?

Keyword for Search Engine

How does Search Engine see your Keyword?

Search Engine like Google will keep on changing their algorithm about keyword for Good user experience day to day. However, they change their algorithm below are the static key points to choose your Keywords.

First, three important key points to concentrate on

  • Search Volume
  • Relevance
  • Competition

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1. Search Volume:

Search volume is nothing but how many visitors searching our particular key word by month. You can also refer some of the top crawling websites like Semrush.

2. Relevance:

Relevance means how that keyword is user-friendly (understandability). If you search puma, then Amazon website’s Puma category will come first to you.

3. Competition:

Competition is classified in three categories high, medium, low.

High Competition:

High competition means you are trying to show your for the keyword google. Still, it is possible, but you need to put more contents relevant to Google. Like Wikipedia did about Google.

Medium Competition:

Medium competition is an easy thing if you are a pro blogger or pro SEO analyst. Assume, “Google Analytics is a key word. You are teaching a to z about Google Analytics then your website will be listed very next to the google analytics official website.” You can refer an example of below.
Key word: Semrush
Official Site:
Keyword Optimised Website:

Easy Competition:

I think you already learned Hard and Medium Competition. So, easy competition will look easy for you now. No competitors for the keyword you are looking or fewer competitors for the keyword is called easy competition. Refer the below example.
Key word: Real Village Resort
Official Website:
Competition: Very less or no competition

Where do you need to use your focus keywords?

First, Search Engine will look your keywords from following things:

  1. Title of the page
  2. Headings of the pages.
  3. Every image alt tag.
  4. First Paragraph’s content.
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