How to Signup for Google AdSense with or without Website

Google Adsense Signup

Signup Process – Google AdSense (India)

This topic is specially designed to help you learn how to sign up for Google AdSense.

What are the Prerequisites?

You must have a Google Account to sign up for a Google AdSense, and also you need at least any one of the following property. You must be an 18+ or signup with parents id.

  1. Own Website (Ex:
  2. Blogger Account.
  3. YouTube Account.

How to Sign up for your Website + Google Account

Your Gmail account must have all necessary details for signing up with Adsense like dob, gender, etc., adsense signup

  • Go to Signup Page.
  • Enter Your Website Address. (Later you need to verify your property)
  • Choose Country, Accept T&C.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Now it will ask your personal information.
  • Mobile number verification is mandatory.
  • You’re Done.

How to signup with Blogger + Google Account

Blogger is a Google’s product, so it is a more natural way to sign up for Adsense. It will take less than a minute to signup. For this, you need following things.

google adsense signup with blogger


  • It will take you to your blogger page if you don’t have, then it will ask for signup.
  • If your blogger is more than six months old, then it will approve, else you are not eligible for monetizing your blog.
  • You can not signup with zero posts of your website or blog.
  • If your blogger is enough audience with good contents, then you can signup for Adsense.

How to signup with Youtube for Google AdSense?

In 2017, google made a change in their terms. You need a valid channel with atleast 10,000 views to start earnings with YouTube.

  • Login Youtube using Your gmail id.
  • Tap to Settings->View Additional Features.
  • Or goto Features Here.
  • Enable monetization.
  • Accept all T&C.
  • Sign Up for Adsense.
  • It will take you to Payment Information, Phone Number Verification.
  • After the process complete you’re in the queue to complete first 10,000 views.
  • If you reach all time 10,000 views your application will go to the review.
  • Then, if their policies met with your videos you are able to earn with youtube.

How to signup Google Adsense without Website?

If you don’t have website, you can signup with YouTube or Blogger. No other ways are available.


After sucessful signup on Google AdSense, You need to work hard in order to start earning with AdSense. Hope this Signup Tutorial helped you, if not feel free to leave a comment or mail.



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