How to get more followers on instagram?


Before we getting into the Instagram followers topic, first let’s learn why Instagram for your business!

Instagram engagement growth has overtaken all the major social media platforms. So it’s a good idea to increase your Instagram followers.

Take a look at Engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Instagram engagement growth

Instagram gets 1% engagements according to Locowise whereas facebook gets only 0.59%.

10 golden tips to increase Instagram followers:

  1. Get the answer to why Instagram for you?
  2. Have a good Profile Picture and Bio.
  3. Create Great Content.
  4. Be Up-to-date.
  5. Be Active. Post regularly 3 posts.
  6. Find your Competitors and follow their followers.
  7. Don’t follow more than 30 persons per hour.
  8. Find the Meme pages related to your business and ask them for an S4S.
  9. Get the trending hashtags and relate them to your posts.
  10. Follow all the 9 steps given.

Okay, Now let’s go little closer to all topics.

1. Get the answer to why Instagram for you?

Note down the objective and stick to your objective. Don’t change the objective.

Instagram will really help you to give more engagements. So you can get the following things on Instagram.

  • You can increase engagements.
  • You can get more relevant followers.
  • Easily you can tell your stories to the audience.
  • Traffic to your website will grow faster.
  • You can get the followers by following them.
  • A hashtag is a big advantage for your business.

So keep in mind you can achieve the points mentioned above.

2. Have a good Profile Picture and Bio

Profile Picture: Your profile picture needs to speak all about your business. So, profile picture must be a well designed and meaningful.

Bio: Bio should be limited and up to the points.

Good profile picture and bio

3. Create Great Content

Content is always king. Your all contents should match your objectives.

Before publishing a post, make sure that should emotionally engage and speak to your audience. Always post HD pictures and get more interactions.

Great Content

4. Be Up-to-date

Always be up-to-date. It means, Monitor the trends and your next post should match with the trending topic. Use trending hashtags. Your post should not be the same as last time. Your posts should contain a trending information in order to gain the attention of the people.

5. Be Active

Be as responsive as possible.

  • Always respond to your audience comments.
  • Try adding a post that says something “Tag Your Friend” to get more followers.
  • Respond to all your direct messages.
  • Negative comments? Don’t be shy to ask sorry for the inconvenience and guide them.
  • Keep in mind in order to gain more Instagram followers you need to follow your post timings.
  • Per day you can post 3 to 5 photos/videos.

6. Find your Competitors and follow their followers

Your competitors also having the same business as you. They already have some Instagram followers. Grab that chance. You should give good quality than your competitor and follow your competitor’s followers. So that their audience will become your audience. likewise, you can also follow their latest post likers. So that you can get an immediate audience.

7. Don’t follow more than 30 persons per hour

Never ever follow more than 30 persons per hour, then Instagram will treat you like a spam. So again it’s your loss. Be in limit and follow 30 audiences per hour. and do this 5 – 7 times a day.

8. Find the Meme pages related to your business and ask them for an S4S

Most of the meme page admins are ready to post your page information on their stories. Get that good chance and talk them to post your page as their stories. They also expect the same on your side. In this way, they too get some followers as well you.

9. Get the Trending Hashtags

Don’t be bored again and again. Find some trending hashtags and relate your content to the hashtag and post it. Strictly, keep in mind your objective.

10. Follow all the 9 rules

Yes, if you need to gain more Instagram followers you should follow these things.

Trending Hashtags

10 Sec Reads:

Post timings: 6am, 8am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm. (Choose 3)
Follow limit: 30 users per hour 100-150 per day.
Bio and Profile Picture: It needs to speak fully about your brand.
The objective should be clear.
You need to post regularly and follow these regularly.


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