How to Configure your own Webmail or Cpanel E-mail in Gmail?

webmail configuration in gmail


You can create your own email like with your Cpanel. After creating your own webmail with your hosting provider. After creating an email you need to configure to your favour. So you can configure it into any of the application. For example, you can configure it in Gmail and Outlook.

In this tutorial, we will see how to create your brand email and configure it to Gmail Mobile application.

let’s summarize first what are we going to do!

  • How to create an email like

  • How to access your own webmail?

  • Configuring Your new email in Gmail.

So, we assume you’re new to webmail but pretty good in web design/ web development. If you don’t, head over to What is a website and How it works!

How to create your own webmail on Cpanel?

  1. Log in to your Cpanel.
    Login to Cpanel
  2. Go to “Email Accounts”.
    email accounts in cpanel
  3. You can now see an “Add Email Account”.
  4. Type your email at Email text box.
  5. Choose a domain for your business as listed in the drop-down box.
  6. Create a password and confirm.
  7. Set-Mailbox quota to unlimited.
  8. Click on Create Account.
    create your own email
  9. And that’s it your own email address is created.
  10. Now, its time to go through how to access.

How to access your own webmail?

There are two ways to access your webmail.

  1. Go to Cpanel and Email Accounts.
    There you can see your list of email ids. You can click on More and Click on Access Webmail.

    Then It will take you to the webmail index page. If it is the first-time login, it will ask for default mail framework. You can choose Roundcube since it is the best one for newbies as well as experts.
  2. Going directly without Cpanel login.
    Enter Your full email address like
    Enter your password.
    you’re done.

These are the methods to log in to your webmail directly and using Cpanel. And now we’re about to see it on how to access via other Email frameworks like Gmail.

Configuring Your new Business Email in Gmail:

  1. Go to Gmail Application.
  2. Create an add account.
  3. Now you can see a variety of options like Google, Yahoo, etc.
    setup email
  4. Choose other and enter your full email address.
    add email
  5. Click next and go with Personal (POP3) on your next screen.
  6. Now enter the password then click next.
    enter password
  7. It will prompt to Verify the Incoming Server Settings, leave as it is since it will set the best settings for you. Now go ahead and verify the Outgoing Server Settings too.
    incoming server settings outgoing server settings
  8. Click next, You’re done.
    Account options
  9. Set Account Options and click next.
    account setup complete
  10. It will Setup your account. Finally, enter your name. This name is used to show in receivers email.
    Email added

This is it. Now you can simply to your business emails as fast as you can. This will save you a lot of time.


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