What is the difference between Blog and Website?

blog vs website

Everyone can design a blog, who want to share information with people. The website is multi-type. Web Pages, and Web Applications.

A Blog…

may be designed by anyone. To create a Blog, you should be aware of following things.

  1. A Good Domain Name. That should be related to your contents.
  2. A Good Hosting Provider. That will give you a most available service. i.e. WordPress, etc.,
  3. Install WordPress and start creating blogs.

Bloggers will create Blog.

Read What are the needs to create a Blog here?

A Blog must contain information that will be useful for their users. A blog content may be anything that the bloggers willing to provide.

Blogging will give you a knowledge of following things.

  1. WordPress
  2. Newsletter
  3. SEO
  4. Website
  5. Marketing (Social/Digitally)
  6. Improve your Communications/ Grammar.

A Website…

may be designed by who they Know HTML/CSS. There are two types of site that we are going to tell here.

  1. Web Page (Static)
  2. Web Application (Dynamic)

About Web Page

A Web page can be used to show information about the companies goods and properties.

Can also use to teach something through online.

A Web page can contain lots of information to drive traffic.

The best example for Web Page is Wikipedia.

About Web Application

A Web Application is dynamic.

i.e. Online calculator, IRCTC, Facebook,  Gmail, Etc.,

We can use any language to develop a web application.

Here is the Map for most used websites written language.

Languages used for website and blog
Learn any language that is comfortable for you.

You can learn any language to develop a website. Our Suggestion is PHP.

Before creating any website, please read this chapter.

Blog vs. Website primary difference:

Title/No Blog Website/Web App
1 Bloggers Developers
2 Regular Update Not Regular
3 Small amount of earnings Large amount of earnings
4 Can handle by one person Can handle by Team
5 Ex: www.tamiltechies.in Ex: www.google.com
6 WordPress/Blogger.. PHP/Java/Javascript/Python…
7 Easy Complicated
8 SEO is must SEO is just a part
9 UI takes a little time. No backend works to be complete UI takes a lot of time to connect to Backend and frontend
10 We have Admin Panel We have FTP, Cpanel
11 Comments Systems always on. Comments are not available
12 Subscription is always availble Subsciption available in some website
13 Tags/Categories No Categories or Tags
14 Reverse-chronological Manual Work
15 Teamwork is a choice Teamwork is Must



All blogs are website but all website are not blog.

So, What do you need Blog or Website?

Are you team/organization?

Try Website.

Are you single and want to earn from online?

Try Blogging.


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